Spatula City

Wild Magic Sorcerer


A cook and a sorcerer.


Spatula City and his brother Whisk City were orphans brought in by the Bungthorpe clan. They weren’t very smart and thought they were dwarf babies at first. They grew up around the clan and learned to make dwarven grunting noises. They eventually found their way to the kitchen as a way to get out of work. They were naturals and the dwarves made them permanent chefs.

During one of Spatula’s excursions to find new recipes, he found an ancient tome. When it opened, the words, burned into Spatula’s mind. He gained the power of sorcery. When he showed it to his brother, Whisk, the book swallowed him up, set itself on fire, and burnt itself to dust. Spatula has never been able to forgive himself for letting his brother be killed (Bond: terrible guilt). He takes leave of the Bungthorpe farm to go on a quest to find his brother (Ideals: excise my demons). Along the way, he can’t help but to open every book he finds and see if it contains his brother (Flaw: OCD). After a life in a kitchen, he doesn’t have much street smarts. He is a jumpy little fellow (Trait: expects danger).

Spatula City

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