Apache Vampire

Wolf Hunt

Vanna Helmsong, Spatula City, Rakanishu, and Dalinar happened to arrive at the same tavern at the same time, and all took on a bounty listed on the notice board there:

There is a pack of wolves causing mischief in the woods near Daggerford.
The party that brings their heads to the Lord of Daggerford will receive 500gp each.

The barmaid in the tavern told them that the wolves had been terrorizing the village folk. Children who had wandered into the forest had gone missing, assumed to be taken by the wolves. The only other strange thing happening lately was a pervasive fog that had settled in the town. The group decided to enter the forest to find the wolves. Spatula City made howling noises so that the wolves would hopefully find them more quickly. Vanna Helmsong lit a torch to help guide their way through the fog.

After traveling down Daggerford Trail into the forest, they walked through a heavy fog. They noticed the trees had changed and Vanna Helmsong noticed the dark red sap running down the trees like blood. The group (except Dalinar, who is potentially the wisest of them) took turns licking the sap, learning that it tasted metallic like blood but was still, in fact, sap.

Further down the trail, they encounter a wolf pack headed by a Dire Wolf. The Dire Wolf had glowing red eyes and could cast a Shield spell to protect itself. During battle, with the pack, the Dire Wolf did not attack the party but simply watched them. Spatula City helpfully cast confusion on himself, Rakanishu, and Dalinar during battle. After defeating the rest of the wolves, the Dire Wolf disappeared in the fog.

The party attempted to turn back down the road with the heads of the wolves to claim the bounty, but encountered a grove of trees on the path that had not been there before. Spatula City tried to set the trees on fire, but the humidity of the fog and the presence of sap made this impossible. Dalinar jumped into the trees to scout and learned that the town of Daggerford was nowhere to be seen, and all around was forest.

Seeing no other path but the one ahead of them, they pressed on. They came upon a gate flanked by large stone walls and humanoid stone statues, which opened as they approached. The group warily moved into the gate. Spatula City attempted to climb one of the doors for some reason but failed. As they entered, the gate slammed shut behind them and pushed them inside. Trapped inside the gate, the group decided to camp since the sun was setting and Dalinar kept watch.

In the horizon, they could see large cliffs with a castle atop it overhanging a small village about two hours away…


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